The Staff

Laramie Surgery Assistant / Inventory Control
Laramie started in June 2008, first as a receptionist, but she soon moved up to be an assistant. She helps out in the examination rooms, and in the last few years she has become the surgery assistant. She is also tasked with managing the hospital inventory. She does a super job!  She lives in Hambden with her three dogs and four cats.

Karen Veterinary Assistant

Karen started in January 2004. She works on the weekends and fills in when other staff members are ill or on vacation. She is also a wildlife rehabilitation specialist, and if the need arises, is there to lend a helping hand with rabbits, squirrels, and turtles!  She lives in Bainbridge with her husband, one dog, and one horse.

Morgan - Veterinary Assistant
Morgan started in March 2013.  She resides in Mantua with her fiancé Chris, and four cats she rescued. In her spare time she is a 4-H advisor helping children with their dairy cows.

Nikki Veterinary Receptionist / Assistant
Nikki started in June 2015. She lives in Kirtland, with her menagerie of pets. They are four dogs, one cat, four ferrets, one turtle, and a Quaker Parrot.

Jessica Veterinary Receptionist / Assistant
Jessica started in August 2016. She lives in Burton.

Kristin Veterinary Receptionist
Kristin started in September 2017.